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Welcome to Fox Lair!



Fox Lair Sport Horses is a picturesque equestrian facility nestled on over 60 acres in Southern Maryland. Our program was started in 2010 and is dedicated to breeding and training Warmbloods, aiming toward Grand Prix jumpers.


Our broodmares have been meticulously selected and boast many top jumper bloodlines. Since we believe that mares are just as important as the stallions, all of our mares are either successfully competing or have had a competition career prior to joining our broodmare herd.  


When selecting stallions, our breeding team carefully pair each mare to a stallion that we believe will give us the best of both parents. Each stallion we choose has proven themselves in sport and, if possible, have offspring that are or have successfully competed.


We strive to breed for extreme quality, athleticsm, and rideabilty. Our foals are all imprinted at birth and handled routinely. We believe it is important for horses to experience as much as possible, which is why we show each of them in-hand as youngsters. As they mature, this exposure translates over into easy going athletes who have learned to love their careers. 


Please feel free to browse our website for our current sales or to learn more about our mares and their offspring. 




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