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Bond Girl DSF

Bon Balou x Reflection/Rio Grande

2015 Chestnut Hanoverian Mare


Bond Girl DSF aka Bond Girl was born July 6, 2015. She was bred by Dreamscape farm in Canada. She is chestnut and stands at 17 hands. She is a Hanoverian mare by the late Bon Balou and out of a mare by Rio Grande.


Bond Girl was presented to AHS in 2019 where she earned an excellent final score of 9.5 in the jump chute! This score allowed her to easily be accepted into the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program. At the end of the year Bond Girl was declared the winner of the MPT Benchmark Trophy, which celebrated the high score in jump chute for the year of 2019. 

Bond Girl was purchased in early 2019. She is closely related to another of our broodmares, which was what caught our eye. Her bloodlines boast such names at Balou du Rouet, Rio Grande, Argentinus, and Landadel. These lines and her ability are perfect for our program!


Bond Girl is currently in foal to Utopie for her first foal! We are extremely excited for this foal. Bond Girl will join the competition team in 2022 once her foal is weaned!



Bon Balou:

Bon Balou was licensed Hanoverian in Verden in 2008. In 2009, Bon Balou successfully competed his 30 day test at Neustadt (Dosse), with very good scores in all categories. His overall score was 8.23, and his jumping index was 8.35. In 2011 Bon Balou was showing in the 5 yr old jumper division in Germany, and has recently shown and placed at M level (1.35 meter). 

In 2012, Bon Balou was named the Jumper Champion at the 70 day stallion test at Silver Creek Farm in OK. He scored an impressive 125.04 (with a 5% deduction taken off) for 1st place. Bon Balou was also 3rd overall. Bon Balou was 8th in the dressage in a tightly bunched group. Some test highlights include: Jumping Rideablilty "10" (which means both test riders scored him a 10 on rideability and show jumping ability) Free-jumping Test Judges "10" scope "9.5" technique, total "9.75", Cross Country Gallop Test Judges "9.5",Cross Country Jumping "9"," Free Jumping Training judge "10", Training Judge Stadium jumping "9" Training Judge Cross Country Jumping "8.50" Finals Test Judges Trot "8.5" Canter "9", dressage test ridera rideability "8" Training Judge Walk "8" trot "8" Canter "8.50" Cross Country Gallop "9.0" Rideability "8.50" Character "9" Willingness to work "9" Bon Balou showed a very well rounded test putting up big jumping scores as well as very good gait scores. He also showed very good rideability and a good mind.


Rio Grande:


Rio Grande - a performance stallion extraordinaire and arguably the most successful H/J sire in Canadian history. Rio Grande was the winner of his stallion performance test and an international show jumper, representing Team Canada on several occasions. In 2005, Rio Grande was the leading living sire of hunters as per USEF ranking. Rio Grande has been in the top eight of the USEF Hunter Sire Rankings every year for the past six years. Rio Grande's own versatility, athleticism and outstanding temperament are mirrored in his offspring's multifaceted success. Rio has produced numerous premium mares, approved breeding stallions, successful eventing and dressage horses. Most notably, Rio Grande is the sire of many of the top Hunters currently competing in the US, such as Rio Renoir, Eye Remember Rio, Rio's Splash, Valiant and 2002 AHSA Horse of the Year - Rio Bronco. Several of Rio's offspring have competed successfully at the Open level of Show Jumping. The Hanoverian mare Rio's Rhapsody has won major Grand Prix competitions in Florida and Canada. Catwalk was the winner of two World Cup Qualifiers in 2007 and represented Team Canada at the WC Finale. To quote the editorial of the February 2005 issue of Horse Sport: 'The success of his offspring have put Rio Grande at the forefront of Sport Horse Stallions in North America'. Rio Grande passed away in 2007.



This is the Hanoverian stallion who led the FN statistics in his age group for the amount of prize money earned by his off-spring for an astounding seven years. He is a true genius when it comes to passing on desirable traits. Only very few stallions have sired high performance horses that reached international level not only in dressage but in jumping as well. But for Argentinus, this was common place. In 1996, the son of the Celle stallion, Argentan I, became Germany's youngest millionaire measured by the prize money his off-spring won. Successful in advanced level jumping himself, this imposing sire has produced 30 approved sons and 48 State Premium mares. Horses such as the Oldenburg, Albano, who won team gold at the 2001 European Championships in dressage with Heike Kemmer, Isabell Werth's two-time German Champion in dressage, Amaretto, who unfortunately died too early, or Autogramm, ridden by Thomas Mühlbauer, who participated in 10 Nation Cups - all of these and many more are examples of the willingness to perform that Argentinus gave to his off-spring. Expressed in numbers: his children have earned more than three million D-Mark which comes to approximately 1.5 million Euros.

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