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Crazy Lady


Crazy Classic x Withne/Watussi

1996 Dark Bay Hanoverian Mare


Crazy Lady aka Cocoa was born April 4, 1996 in Germany. She is dark bay and stands at 16.2 hands. She is registered Hanoverian and is in the Main Studbook for AHS. She is also MMB GOV and Premium Mare for ISR/OLDna.


In 2007, Cocoa was accepted into the AHS Main Studbook with 7's across the board for Conformation, as well as her Gaits. The same year she received a Premium Mare Status with ISR/OLDna, earning an 8 on her neck and 7.5 on Breed/Mare Type. In 2008, she was approved MMB GOV with a 7.5 on Breed & Sex Type and 7's on Quality, Neck, and Saddle Position.


Fox Lair purchased Cocoa early 2010, with her colt, Grafton, at her side. She is one of our foundation broodmares and a favorite of the owner's. She has given us three fantastic foals over the years. The first was Grafton (Joey), a colt by Graf Top II. The second, in 2012, was a gorgeous filly by Coconut Grove named Crazy For Calypso (CiCi). The final colt, born in 2015, by Lagoheidor was Lady's Man (Romeo).


Cocoa has been retired from breeding. She will live out the rest of her days with us.



Crazy Classic:


Sired two Graded Stallions and fourteen State Premium Mares. Progeny competing in Dressage and Show Jumping and to date have won €12,000. Placed third in his performance test with outstanding Dressage marks.



Calypso II:


Grand Prix winning Show Jumper. He has Sired eighteen Graded Stallions, forty six State Premium Mares and twenty three Elite Auction Horses. He has also sired numerous International Show Jumpers renowned for their great technique and rideability.




Cor de la Bryere:


Cor de la Bryère (1968-2000), nicknamed "Corde", is one of the most influential sires in modern warmblood breeding, the stallion that revolutionised jumping horse breeding. He is known as the "Reserve Stallion of the Century", second only to Landgraf I. His name astute breeders like to see, especially on the mare line for 'Cord' tends to give great form over a jump. He stood 16.2½ hh (169 cm). Described by breeders as a 'gift from heaven,' Cor de la Bryere has been especially successful producing jumping horses, as he passes on his incredible bascule, scope, and jumping technique. Cor de la Bryere also passed on his willingness and trainability. Romedio Graf von Thun-Hohenstein described the stallion: 'The arching back, like a taut band of steel combined with the super elastic end gives limitless, but always expedient, springing capability to the natural dynamics of each effort. Add to that ease of riding, marvelous disposition, and a floating, highly balanced canter. These qualities are absolutely to the benefit of young horses, who will no longer have to pay with premature breakdowns caused by jumping and showing solely with a raw, crude jumping talent.'



Pik Koenig:


Pik König is considered the most important son of the famous Thoroughbred sire of showjumpers, Pik As xx. Pik König sired 19 Approved sons and 22 State Premium mares. His offspring - such as Pirol 37 - were mainly successful in showjumping. With a dressage index of 126, and a jumping index of 131, Pik König had an overall rating of 129. His sire, Pik As xx stood at the State Stud Celle from 1953-69, where he sired four approved sons. With top class progeny such as Pesgö under Helga Köhler and Porta Westfalica ridden by Hartwig Steenken, he soon earned a good reputation as a showjumping horse producer. He hardly produced any dressage horses. State stud Celle had kept three sons from the last seasons in his career: the dark brown Pik König, the chestnut, Pik Junge and the grey Pikör... Pik König... developed into a top-class showjumping horse producer. His sons Pik Bube I and II even produced many dressage horses."

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